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Songwriter Track Courses

** Please note that not all seminars and workshops are given at every event. We poll the registrants ahead of time to design an event that features seminars and workshops that most of the attendees are interested in.

Intensive Writers' Workshop
Guided by a seasoned songwriter, this open format workshop will cover topics of interest to both the beginner and experienced songwriter.

Song Critique Gathering and Workshop
An opportunity for attendees to play their songs for ProMusicU staff and the other attendees. An experienced songwriter from ProMusicU will offer critiques and recommendations on improving your songs and taking your songwriting to the next level.

Harmonic Astronomy: How And Why Chords Work Together
You don't need to have an in depth knowledge of music theory to learn more about how chords fit together. It's easy to go beyond the basics when you understand the simple underlying concepts that theory is meant to explain. We'll also look at how to use the Nashville Number System to help train your ear and expand your chordal vocabulary.

The Meter Is Running: A Rhythm Workshop
How lyrics can imply and ultimately create the rhythmic character of a song. Even if you canít play a note or sing, the natural meter and rhythm of your lyric can shape the music.

Guest Songwriter Presentation
Every event will have a different guest songwriter presenting the Songwriting Track sessions. Each is a renowned songwriting teacher with success in the classroom, as an award-winning recorded songwriter or, most times, both. Each has developed a unique session that they present for ProMusicU and at other events around the country.

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