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** Please note that not all seminars and workshops are given at every event. We poll the registrants ahead of time to design an event that features seminars and workshops that most of the attendees are interested in.

Music Business 101
The basics for handling your music career in a business-like and professional manner. Topics will include basic bookkeeping, scheduling, promotion and other topics of interest to the fledgling artist, hopefully leading to an open-ended discussion of many topics of interest to the class.

Music Publishing Basics
Everything from dealing with a publisher to being your own publisher. This session will cover performing rights organizations, licensing and other aspects that every serious songwriter must deal with. This course was created by Melissa Wald, long-time publishing professional and assistant professor of music business at Middle Tennessee State University.

Internet Marketing for Musicians
Ok, you’ve got a great CD, you have shows booked and you have a growing fan base. Now what? This session will cover the basics of getting and maintaining an online presence. This session is based on the new textbook, “Web Marketing for the Music Business” by Dr. Tom Hutchison of Middle Tennessee State University’s Recording Industry Department with input from John Haring, an authority on Internet music marketing and technical editor of the textbook.

The Copyright Law Top 10
The Top 10 things that you need to know about Copyright in the music business. This session was created by Dr. Geoffrey Hull, professor emeritus and founder of the Recording Industry program at Middle Tennessee State University, well known music business author and a member of the Copyright Society of the South. (Note that our trainers are not attorneys and will not offer legal advice.)

Nashville 101
So everyone in your home town thinks you’re the greatest thing ever and they keep telling you that you belong in Nashville (or LA or New York). This session will cover the harsh realities that even the most talented musicians and songwriters face when they get to Nashville.

Writers' Nights
Is there a vibrant songwriting community in your town? Do they have an outlet to perform their songs in public? If the only place that you can hear live music in your town is the cover band at your local bar, maybe you need to start a local writers’ night. This session will tell you how. Or maybe you have a local writers' night but have never played it and you'd like to learn about what happens there and the do's and don't's that go along with it. We'll tell you that too. This course was created by renowned Nashville writers’ night host, Debi Champion. Debi's seen it all and done it all on the writers' night circuit.

You Don't Need an Agent: Booking and Promoting Your Tour
Like unicorns, leprechauns and honest politicians, booking agents do exist - but they're nearly impossible to catch. This course lays out a practical approach to booking and promoting your own gigs in the U.S. and overseas. Take matters into your own hands. This course was written by well-known touring singer/songwriter, Tori Sparks, who is successfully practicing what she preaches.

Press Kit Basics
A Press Kit is usually the last thing an artist thinks of but the most important element of your promotional machine. This session will give you the basics of putting together your printed and online press kits. The course was written by Karen E. Reynolds, a popular singer/songwriter, music business career consultant and host of the nationally syndicated “Writers Block” radio show.

Be Your Own Record Label: How to Release an Indie Album
Why wait for a record label to release your next (or first) album? Take charge of your music career. You can do everything that a label does, and we'll show you exactly how to do it. Retain control, take responsibility and reap the artistic and financial rewards.

Give A Great Interview
You’ve become popular enough to gain some media attention. Now you’re getting interview requests. This short workshop, designed by someone on the other side of the desk, a former senior editor of a major music publication, tells you what you need to know to come out of the interview looking great. This session was created by journalist and former senior editor of “Guitar Player” magazine, Andy Ellis.

Networking for the Musician
Successful musicians and songwriters will tell you, most of the biggest breaks that they got came from knowing other musicians and songwriters. That’s why having a strong peer base is important. This workshop will tell you how to develop and keep one. It was created by networking guru, Doak Turner, publisher of the popular "Nashville Muse" newsletter. Doak knows all of Nashville and all of Nashville knows Doak.

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