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ProMusicU Advisory Board

The ProMusicU Advisory Board is made up of university professors, hit songwriters, touring performers, music publishers and representatives of performing rights organizations and record labels. They represent both executives at the big companies as well as the folks "on the ground," actually doing and succeeding at what our attendees aspire to and can relate their grass roots success in real world terms. We've recruited them all in the interest of guiding and overseeing the ProMusicU program to ensure that we are giving out the most recent and accurate information and guidance to our attendees. Some of our Advisory Board members are also involved in designing the seminar and workshop presentations given by ProMusicU's instructors.

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Dr. Geoffrey Hull
Professor Emeritus, Founder and Former Chairman, Recording Industry Program,
Middle Tennessee State University

Chris Haseleu
Professor Emeritus, Former Chairman, Department of Recording Industry, Middle Tennessee State University

Dr. Tom Hutchison
Professor, Music Business Coordinator for the Recording Industry Program
Middle Tennessee State University

Andy Ellis
Music Journalist and former Senior Editor of Guitar Player Magazine

Melissa Wald
President, Copyright Solutions
Assistant Professor, Middle Tennessee State University

Rebecca Hosking
Creative Director, Tennessee Songwriters Association International (TSAI)

Karen E. Reynolds
Respected performing songwriter and music educator
Host and producer of the syndicated "Writers Block" radio program

Doak Turner
Publisher of the weekly "Nashville Muse" newsletter

CJ Watson
Respected songwriter and music educator

Tori Sparks
Noted Touring Singer/Songwriter, DIY Entrepreneur, Owner of Glass Mountain Records

Kim Richardson
Noted Touring Singer/Songwriter

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