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Performance Track Courses

** Please note that not all seminars and workshops are given at every event. We poll the registrants ahead of time to design an event that features seminars and workshops that most of the attendees are interested in.

All of our Performance Track courses were created and have been given around the country by acclaimed performer and guitar teacher, Dave Isaacs. Dave will be on hand for all ProMusicU events to participate in the presentation of all Performance Track courses.

Driving the Groove: Rhythm Section Concepts for Instrumentalists
Learn to create parts on guitar or piano that will drive your songs, by approaching your instrument the way a drummer plays a drum kit. Even if you donít play, youíll gain a greater understanding of how master musicians create that killer feel and groove.

Don't Call It A "Cheater": Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Using A Capo
Not only does a capo allow you to easily find the right vocal key for your song, it also opens up the entire neck and a new set of sonic possibilities. We'll explore how a basic knowledge of music theory and the Nashville Number System plus a handful of chord forms allows you to play in any key in multiple positions. We'll also look at how to use the capo to help create signature instrumental parts that help define the identity of your song.

Effortless Musicianship: The Tao of Guitar
Like a great athlete, a great instrumentalist makes what they do look effortless. Athletes learn to use their bodies efficiently and maximize their ability to perform and we can do the same in our approach to the guitar. Utilizing the natural design of the body and principles of simple physics - simple machines, leverage and force - you can eliminate technical blocks, maximize dynamic range and tone and make your technique more efficient and fluid.

Harmonic Astronomy: How and Why Chords Work Together
You don't need to have an in depth knowledge of music theory to learn more about how chords fit together. It's easy to go beyond the basics when you understand the simple underlying concepts that theory is meant to explain. We'll also look at how to use the Nashville Number System to help train your ear and expand your chordal vocabulary.

Great Lead Guitar: More Than Flying Fingers!
A great guitarist is more than a hot-shot gunslinger. Playing great lead guitar in a band means that you know how to step into the spotlight, make a bold statement and seamlessly melt back into the group. It means that besides chops and attitude you need great ears, great tone and the musical smarts to know when to wail and when to lay back. This is a hands-on workshop in which everyone will get to play while learning to play well together.

The Drummer In Your Right Hand: An Acoustic Rhythm Workshop
An acoustic guitarist needs to be a great accompanist and that means understanding how to drive a groove. And since the acoustic guitar is really a percussion instrument that can play notes and chords, approaching the guitar the way a drummer approaches a drum set can really bring your rhythm playing to life. If you're a songwriter, creating great grooves can be a source of inspiration in your writing. If you're a player, being a great accompanist will put you in great demand as a side player.

The Nashville Number System
Musicians at almost every studio and live event in Nashville and at a growing number of places around the world play using the Nashville Number System instead of standard charts. The Nashville Number System is a way of scoring a musical composition using numbers in the place or chord names, making changing the key to a song much easier, among other advantages. This workshop will teach you the basics of the System to avoid the inevitable funny look on your face when someone throws a NNS chart down in front of you one day soon.

Performance Workshop
A critique session for performing songwriters. Are you delivering your message with the greatest impact and effectiveness? Find out how.

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