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ProMusicU / Intensive

The ProMusicU / Intensive workshop is a ProMusicU weekend condensed down into a five hour afternoon.

Here's how it works:

Everyone arrives at 12:00 noon. After sign-in, everyone gets together for an informal "chat" session. During the chat session, attendees discuss with the ProMusicU instructors the topics that they'd like to cover during the balance of the time. The instructors then huddle for a few minutes and come up with a custom curriculum designed specifically for the group.

In the first half, we'll deal strictly with music business concepts. It could be publishing, Internet music marketing, copyright law, setting up a writers' night or house concert or any of the many other topics that our instructors are qualified to speak on.

After a short break, attendees have the choice of attending a break-out session on performance and songwriting or staying on the music business topics.

Here are some comments from our latest ProMusicU / Intensive workshop:

"Thank you so much for the stimulating workshop .... I've attended several songwriting workshops in the past two years, and yours presented and clarified things that were not made clear before. Thanks. I didn't think we'd have time to go over publishing, marketing, and guitar technique in the short time allotted, but you covered it all."

"I really had a great time Sunday afternoon. You guys were able to get so much information into such a little time. I am sure I will be processing the information for days to come. I look forward to attending workshops in the future."

ProMusicU / Intensive is a great opportunity to get the flavor of a full ProMusicU weekend workshop in a half-day format for a more affordable price.

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