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ProMusicU is an intensive weekend of courses and workshops for aspiring artists and music business professionals. Our instructors are committed educators with years of experience in their field and our advisory board includes university professors, hit songwriters, touring performers, music publishers and representatives of performing rights organizations and record labels.

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We're Changing our Business Model:
Same Great Events, New Way of Doing Business

When ProMusicU started a while back, we had visions of being able to do it all.  Choose the cities, organize the events, handle promotion and marketing, do registrations, as well as plan the sessions and design the courses and backup materials.  And we did it well.  But, after doing a number of events around the country, we've realized that much of our effort was misspent on all of the non-eductional things.  So, we've decided to change our model to a turn-key approach.  We'll handle the courses and educational part and our client/venues will handle all the rest.  Instead of having a registration fee that we'll charge directly to the registrants, we're going to offer a full program to organizations or universities for a fixed fee.  Then they can decide what to charge and how to market it to their audience.

We feel that this is a much simpler approach, not only for us, but for our client organizations.  It'll put more responsibility in their hands for producing the event in their location, something that they're much better equipped for and it allows us the time to develop better course materials and presentations.

We'll be marketing to music-related organizations and colleges and universities around the country shortly.  In the meantime, if you'd like information on bringing any of our programs to your venue, please email us at


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